Check out this hilarious video from Virgin Voyages The No-Guilt Trip

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From day one Virgin Voyages set out to change the cruise industry and remove many of the misconceptions associated with cruising.

Their first vessel Scarlet Lady which is currently under construction in Italy will launch in April 2020 and will be an adults only ship.

8 out of 10 parents say they feel guilty taking a vacation without their kids

“Honestly, my kids would not even function without me”

 “My kids would miss me”

 “I think the longest I’ve been away from my kids is….8 hours”

Turns out kids don’t mind if their parents take a few days and go on a real vacation, without them.

To highlight this misconception and encourage moms to take a break this Mother’s Day, Virgin Voyages, the adult-by-design cruise line setting sail in 2020, created a hilarious video showing kids pushing their moms to take a vacation without them.

“I’m okay if Mom goes away, she can go as long as she wants”

Video Credits:

Mother New York

Director: Damien Drake

I am excited to share that i will be attending the UK Scarlet launch night in London on 21st May. In the week leading up to this be sure to check my blog as I will have a series of posts sharing all we know so far about Scarlet Lady.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog

For mor inforation on Scarlet Lady and Virgin Voyages head over to their website


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